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Emery & The Almost: The Weak’s End & Southern Weather


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Emery is an emo-rock band that started in 2001.They have toured worldwide with 8 fulllength releases (9th full length coming soon), several EPs and multiple exclusivereleases to their private subscription club called Emeryland. Emery continues to makenew music each year with a loyal group of followers. Emeryland is a growing andsustainable community that continues to incorporate and enhance a cohesive,collaborative group that sustains their art at the center, while building relationships andvalue. Emery also created their very own cryptocurrency called Emerycoin ($WALLS)that is used within the community for memberships, exclusive merchandise, and more.Emery's twenty year tenure proves their longevity and adaptability over the course oftwo decades.   THE ALMOST - “I feel like I do the best under pressure when things are bad,” states The Almost frontman,multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Aaron Gillespie. “I need pressure and chaos to push me tobe the best me. People want peace, but I don’t strive in peace.”In order to record The Almost’s Fearless Records debut, Fear Caller, Aaron went to one of themost unpredictable and unstable ecosystems possible: the desert. The desert harbors countlessghosts, innumerable stories, and endless secrets. Various philosophies, texts, and religions pointto it as the very source of creation.He fulfilled this urge after a period of dormancy for The Almost. In between his duties as vocalistand drummer for gold-certified three-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated juggernaut Underoath,Aaron introduced The Almost on 2007’s seminal Southern Weather. The group shared the stagewith everyone from Faith No More and Jane’s Addiction to A Day To Remember over the years.In between The Almost and Underoath records, he also spent two years touring behind the kitfor Paramore.Thistime around, storytelling took center stage. The songcraftfulfills the potential he alwaysexhibited at a now classic level. Inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Brand New, andDawes, he delivers the masterpiece he was always meant to make, achieving an artistbreakthrough on par with those aforementioned influences by diving into the process like neverbefore.

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Tuesday, March 19th, 2024
Doors open at 7:00pm
Age Restriction 12+

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Foundation Presents

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Emery + The Almost, Bad Luck

The Beacham
The Beacham
Address 46 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone (407) 648-8363

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