Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate and foster a vibrant community of venues, artists, promoters and music lovers through the power of live entertainment

The last several years have been tough on venues, artists, and fans alike. Venues have been shuttered, artists have not been able to perform in front of their fans, and fans have missed their live music.

Our business started because we believe we could make a difference. Over the last two years, we’ve worked with venues to preserve Orlando’s strong live music identity during this turbulent time.

Through our work, we’ve realized that we can make a meaningful impact on independent live music and want to share that with the broader community.

What We Offer

A reliable ticketing platform.

Our goal is to simplify your experience. That means fewer clicks, fewer hassles. We provide a safe, reliable, and intuitive platform so you spend less time managing and more time living.

Actionable business analytics.

Venues are constantly looking for ways to better engage its customers. Our analytics tools provide venues with deeper insights into their customers’ preferences and their own operations. By delivering insights directly to your fingertips, we take care of your back-of-the-house chores so you can do the things you love.

Community-based business model.

Our business model works best when we help you sell tickets. Independent venues are the heart and soul of live music, and our goal is to keep it that way. We are passionate about live music and our business model reflects that passion.